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At MASSEY TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC we provide professional Engineering services to all Industrial Operations.  We have major contracts with the Mining Industry, Gear Case Rebuild facilities, and industrial plants. We provide total health care for your equipment.

    VIBRATION ANALYSIS:  We provide spot inspections, complete monthly inspections, and continuous monitoring services.  Equipment stress tests. ODS Operational Deflection Shapes to show structural anomalies. Check out the SKF Soundbytes under Vibration Newsletters / Time Domain, and the Planetary defect calculations page.

Continuous Monitoring     

    CONTINUOUS MONITORING:  A maintenance management solution for electric motors and  driven assemblies designed to minimize downtime and    increase productivity. Continuous near real time readings (24 X 7). Monitors vibration, temperature, rpm, current, and process variables with complete diagnostic software from Commtest.   

 Operational Deflection Shape / Modal Analysis

In today's industries it is becoming more important to address Resonance and Natural Frequencies along with the structural problems associated with upgrades to present plant operations. One of the best ways to look at these anomalies is through ODS (Operational deflection shapes) and Modal Analysis. Larger motors with rotor critical speeds that can be excited by near by natural frequencies can cause high vibration. ODS can be used to see structural movement caused by once per revolution of the motor. Modal analysis can be used to see natural frequencies through a Fmax and cause excessive vibration. It is good to remember that stress and dynamic forces cause a machine to fail and not the vibration.

Infrared Thermography

    THERMOGRAPHY: We provide scientific thermal testing of equipment from PLC control wiring to High Voltage Substations.  We specialize in motor control centers. 


ULTRASOUND: We provide complete ultrasound inspections for air leak inspections, corona discharge on high voltage lines, substations, and steam trap examinations. Many dollars can be saved from the bottom line by simple maintenance. Check out our brand new ultrasound case study here.

Motor Current Signature Analysis
    MOTOR CURRENT SIGNATURE ANALYSIS: We provide the latest motor testing on line with test
      equipment from SKF Baker Instruments. We can test AC and DC Motor for problems from rotor
      bars to VFD problems and DC SCR problem. With out system we also evaluate the incoming power
      system at the operation.
PdM Assessment Programs

PdM ASSESSMENTS: We provide maintenance assessments to provide recommendations for potential opportunities to improve maintenance programs for our customers.   


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