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Audible Sounds

On the audible sound pages we will discuss and listen to sounds of gear cases that have problem and gear cases that are in acceptable operating condition.  The reducers are for extruder used in the plastics industry. I feel that Time Domain readings are very important in the evaluation of gear degradation since it is hard to see gear wear on a FFT spectrum. The time domain spectrums and the SKF Soundbytes help us to see and hear problems with gear mesh.

All the units in these three pages were tested under load and inspected visually to see what problem existed and so work could be scheduled as needed to maintain maximum production. Some of the gearboxes were tested so that a spare unit could be on standby.      

Above is the Time Domain spectrum of the sound you hear in the background. Notice the noise is relative to the interval of the 4 peaks starting and stopping at the rpm of the gear with the spalling.

Below is the FFT spectrum with no alarm readings. Please note with good base line information, trending and narrow alarm band trending we may have seen the excessive spalling on the gears. This was the first reading taken on the unit. It takes multiple readings to quickly determine problems. I have found that monthly inspections are the most accurate and cost effective predictive maintenance tool.



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