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High Voltage Disconnects

During an infrared inspection of underground conveyor belt systems we usually inspect belt starter box connections both internally and externally. We look for areas that have high resistance creating higher temperatures.

 Usually high resistance can be attributed to a loose connection, bad wire, or in this case a bad high voltage plug and receptacle. What causes a plug and receptacle to go bad is usually a loose internal male or female connection resulting in thermal breakdown.

 Here on this particular belt starter box we see that the temperature difference between the two plugs is 46 degrees F. The average temperature difference between the two plugs on these particular units is usually three to four degrees difference under load. This problem if left not corrected could result in a major loss of production and a potential safety hazard. The plug and receptacle were scheduled for replacement.

 This is one example of how beneficial infrared analysis is to a company. The customer was able to schedule down time to correct a future problem that would have resulted in unscheduled downtime resulting in production loss. Infrared analysis can also be beneficial to everyone in a workplace due to increased safety.

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This newsletter reinforces that infrared thermography is a vital part of any predictive and proactive maintenance program.

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Last modified: May 19, 2015